Running is life. When not running things in a classroom full of preschoolers, Hamlin Jones is running things throughout the city. He leads the way for the Frisco Running Club. His sense of responsibility to running is admirable and has influenced many others.

We’re pleased to share the story of Jones’ commitment to self and to encourage those who will #DoSomethingBig.

Who do you run for?

I run with the Frisco Running Club, Frisco Running Company and the Frisco Triathlon Club. Running with groups, clubs and friends keeps me accountable with my workouts and training. Anyone that thinks they would like to participate in endurance sports should seek out a group for guidance, support and accountability.

What does running do for you?

Running has kept me in shape to do anything I physically want and given me the confidence to perform it. Running is a “gateway drug” so be careful. You might start doing triathlons, ultra marathons, trail running and CrossFit. You think entry fees for running is steep? Wait until you do your first Half Ironman or Ironman! I have also made some great friends and met the most interesting people because of running. Running has also given me the opportunity to show others that fitness is not just a one and done thing but a lifetime journey.

Why will you run the Texas Big Star in Frisco April 2016?

You bet I will be running the first half marathon in Frisco! It will also be my daughter’s first half marathon so it’s a big deal. Bringing endurance events to “Sports Town” is just another way Frisco is becoming a destination city.

Why should others #RunBigStar?

First, it’s Frisco’s first half marathon. Second, my daughter is singing the National Anthem. Third, it’s not about how fast you finish but that you have the courage to begin the journey. Run or walk. 5K or half. You will be farther along than the people on their couch. And the after party is going to be amazing.

What has been your greatest running achievement?

It depends. Running achievement would be my first 5K but that’s another story altogether. My coaching achievement would be Zach Ahlstedt’s first marathon and soon to be my daughter’s first half. There are always going to be “new greatest achievements” in my running and endurance sports life and I believe that is why I run, sweat and endure the pain. How far can I push my body physically and mentally and still have a smile on my face at the end?

If you could not run, what would you do instead?

I would do CrossFit, bike and swim. All three are competitive and there are races and events I would still be able to do. Maybe those three need to be a new sport?

Jones is a preschool teacher at the Frisco ISD Early Childhood School. For him, the Texas Big Star Half Marathon & 5K is a family affair. His daughter, Heather Jones, will sing the national anthem at #RunBigStar as well as run the race. We look forward to tracking their participation.

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