We are all familiar with the phase “Everything Is Bigger In Texas”, well this is the best way to describe the Texas Big Star Half Marathon & 5K. Although this race is only 3 years old it is very organized and a definite must for local runners, first timers and families.

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Packet pick up was held at different locations (fitness stores and fitness facilities), put they made up for it on race day because there were several booths that showcased different local races, State Farm Insurance, breast cancer awareness, a wellness booth (which offered free post race stretches, and let me tell you I needed their services), Craig’s Ranch fitness (I received a great new aluminum water bottle and a free 30 day trial pass, “Yesss”), and some products for purchase.

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Now let’s hit the pavement for some miles after all it is race day. The race include two race options, a 5k (3.10 miles) or a half marathon (13.1 miles). I originally signed up for the half marathon but on the Wednesday prior to race day my recurring achilles tendonitis begin to bother me to the point that I was limping (OMG). If you are a running you can only imagine the devastation that I felt as I had to reduce my miles and only complete the 5K, but I’m so glad that I did because the experience was amazing. The 5k course was routed on the road for maybe a 1.5 miles then circled backed through the college parking lot. If this was your first 5k it added just enough inclines to push you to your limit.

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Now I guess you’re wondering why I had such an awesome experience running the 5K. Well, it allowed me to witness all of the parents and children that were running together. The parents were coaching the children towards their goal and the the children were giving it their all. Also, the P2M teams, which assist those disabled runners who require a push of love. When I run longer distances the energy and excitement that you see in the new runners begin to fade away, so this was a breath of fresh air which made me remember that every run has a purpose and each mile has a meaning.

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Although, I didn’t run the half marathon my running crew Triple Threat did, and they were really impressed with the route. The route was flat with some added hills but not enough to make you think about why you signed up. You know those races that have rolling hills, or mountains and doing the run you say to yourself, “why did I sign up for this?” The half marathon course also offered pacers that ranges from 1:30 – 3:00 hours, the added bonus to the pacers were the interval pacers(2:55). If you train using intervals it’s refreshing to have that extra push from someone who is running intervals instead of the traditional pacers. (High Five Big Star this is a great touch)

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The race is over, I received my medal which was a great design with the Texas Star, and if you completed the half marathon the star in the middle of the medal spins. I look around for the normal after race beer but I didn’t find any. What I found was FOOD, everyone knows after any distance food is a positive. There was fruit, water, and protein bars at the finish line. But wait there’s more, hotcakes were offered by the Frisco Rotary Club , and an additional sponsor provide hot wings, sliders, sub sandwiches and pastry balls. That sealed the deal, I will definitely do this race again.

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So, If you’re starting a couch to 5k program in January, maybe you’re pushing the kids to run a race, or if you’re just looking for a good race to run add the Texas Big Star Half Marathon & 5K to your 2019 run calendar I promise you will not be disappointed.

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